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Jinan Laiwu Feifan international trade co., LTD. Is an professional supplier for sushi foods and sushi foods related products, we have been in the sushi food business for more than 10 years, our products covering pickled vegetables(pickled sushi ginger ,pickled radish ,Seasoned kanpyo ,pickled cucumber and so on  ), Seaweed:(Roasted seaweed  ;  Seaweed wakame ;salad Dried wakame seaweed ); Flavoring:(Wasabi  Soy sauce Sushi vinegar Mirin  ) seafood product and other sushi  food, and we can also supply some sushi tableware like sushi knifes ,Sushi bamboo  chopsticks and Sushi  tray. In a word ,you can find all you need for operate a sushi restaurant .

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